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Go away - see if I’m there

"Go away – see if I'm there" is a performance about the mechanisms in our relationships with the people in our lives. Originally based on research about heroes and role models, this performance has evolved to explore the expectations, disappointments, and trust formed within relationships.

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Fine Dining

The diner table is the cornerstone of the family. The place to share, to connect, to come together.The kitchen is where we make our meals and pass on traditions. The family meal is a distant memory, a smell, a sound, a taste.
Join this family diner for one.
Premiered on 4+4 Dny v Pohybu festival 2018 in Prague as part of the Phenomenological Recipes exhibition.


(De)forming places

A project initiated by Israel Lopez that seeks to (de)form different places through a site-specific approach and minimal installations in the buildings. The results are sensorial spaces that audience can spend time in freely, and have their reception of spaces slightly tilted. For more information on the project:



It is what it is

The first World War is over. 38 million people have died in a bloodbath of patriotism. People are desperately clinging to the fact that this was all worth it. But The Artist knows better. She says stand up. Stand up for dada. And what dada is. Is that it is. DADA


The mirror will make your living room look bigger

An intermedia installation about displacement. Supported and produced for 4+4 Dny v Pohybu festival