It is what it is

The first World War is over. 38 million people have died in a bloodbath of patriotism.

People are desperately clinging to the fact that this was all worth it.

But The Artist knows better.

She says stand up.

Stand up for dada.

And what dada is

Is that it is





The first war is over, thousands of young men has been sent out into the fields like human ammunition, and they moved less than a mile in three months. This makes everything seem meaningless, and thoughts and lives of europeans are redefined. Dadaism reflects this with constellations that scream of life's meaninglessness, with an experimental and humoristic point of view. Dadaism was a small art period of the 1900 century that arose after the first world war and quickly phased out into other ideas and other isms. Dadaists provoked the question of what art could be, and created the idea that “If everything is art, nothing is”. This idea is the inspiration behind Teater Leikhus` newest production “DADA”. A devised, original piece where we play with the absurdity of war, patriotism and art itself.

And finally, stand up before dada, as if if you were in the presence of, and which accuses you of liking everything out of snobbery as soon as it costs a lot of money.

We will look at the dadaistic period and the dadaistic ways to make art and most important - think about art. How the history surrounding the dada period made people create such surreal and “meaningless” art pieces out of the state of mind they were in. Behind these pictures and installations, that from the first glance can feel stupid and contentless, were creators in existential crises of what it means to be human in a civilized world of war. Both art and war are somehow global issues. We will explore the war the dadaists witnessed, the questions they asked in their art and link the same questions to our present. In war a life changes status from a person to ammunition. In the first and second world wars this is somehow more easy - with fronts, soldiers, a date that declares war and one that finishes it. Today war is everywhere, it can arise anytime, and we probably will never experience an end to the war and a transition into a time of peace.




Created by: Lise Andrea Grimelund-Kjelsen, Irene Nessa Bjørnevik, Kathrine Grooss Tendal og Eva Burgerhoudt

Performers: Lise Andrea Grimelund-Kjelsen og Irene Nessa Bjørnevik

Stage design\Costumes: Sorcha Gibson

Director: Eva Rosemarijn

Project manager: Lise Andrea Grimelund-Kjelsen


OFF-HEDDA Soria Moria 16. juni. kl. 21.00- tickets HERE

Cafeteateret 19.juni 2018

Oslo Teatersenter at "Teatertreff" 11. november 2017

Ås Kulturskole 12.desember 2017

Prague 22. mars 2017

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